Green Tea Focus is better caffeine. L-theanine is caffeine’s missing half. It enhances the positive aspects of caffeine as well as reduce the negative side effects, such as increase in blood pressure, anxiety, and poor sleep quality. Caffeine on its own has been shown to have limited benefits on increasing brain power, but if taken in combination with L-theanine it has shown to significantly improve mental performance. Both supplements are naturally found in green tea but in opposite ratios of what has been found to be most effective. In recent years this supplement combination has become highly regarded in the nootropics community, primarily due to its high level of safety and effectiveness. In addition, its benefits have been verified repeatedly in numerous independent studies.

“Led to faster simple reaction time, faster numeric working memory, reaction time and improved sentence verification accuracy”

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Rather than pay doctors to validate our product with their seal of approval, here are some independent research studies and notable sites that validate our product formula with scientific testing:

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